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Tom Clucas writes about belonging and the lack of belonging from the outside perspective of an LGBT+ poet with an autism spectrum condition. In Tom's literary tapestry, one discovers an exploration of identity, human experience, and the subtle nuances of life.

Having won the Lawrence Sail poetry prize at a young age, he went on to complete his BA, M.St. and DPhil at Oxford University. While there, he published poems and articles in numerous journals and won further competitions, including the Lord Alfred Douglas and Poem on a Sacred Subject prizes, judged by Simon Armitage, Bernard O’Donoghue and Michael Schmidt.


Tom then moved to be with his civil partner in Germany, where he worked as a Deputy Professor, continued to publish both poems and articles and was shortlisted for the Melita Hume prize by Mark Ford. 

Currently, Tom serves as a solicitor at a leading law firm in London, where he navigates intricate legal landscapes with finesse and dedication.


His recent pamphlet, "The Everyday Unspeakable," serves as a testament to his mission to encapsulate fleeting moments of beauty and emotion through verse.

Through his poetic expressions, Tom invites others to perceive the world through his unique lens — a viewpoint shaped by empathy and an enduring reverence for the expressive power of language.

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